Monsieur, respectful of the environment

That's why he only uses plants from organic FAIR Trade farms.


Moreover, every year Monsieur Gin uses some of his profits to promote reforestation, improve the environment and protect the French terroir.

 Monsieur, proud to be French  !

Monsieur Gin wishes to highlight the French "savoir-faire".


It is for this reason that he greatly appreciates working with local partners.

 Monsieur loves quality

Monsieur Gin works with local producers concerned about quality, their crops and the environment.

Juniper berries, coriander seeds, verbena leaves and elderflowers are harvested in small quantities by hand to obtain quality plants which give the gin its special flavour and smoothness.

The distillation is carried out in a small 500 Liters pot still in the prestigious Cognac region. 

Monsieur loves to seduce

As far as seduction goes, Monsieur Gin is very talented !

He seduces man & women neat, on ice, frozen, in cocktails or even with cucumber. 

 Monsieur is crafted

From the selection of the ingredients to the shipping of the finished bottles, Monsieur Gin is involved in every part of the process.

 Monsieur is original

One of a kind, he is different and full of curiosity. 


His unique blend of ingredients from local organic farms and the Charentais know-how highlight his originality.

 Monsieur is connected

You can find Monsieur Gin on

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Feel free to share your experiences with the community as we will with you! The amplification of emotions comes from sharing! 



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